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Dear Dr Critoph, I just wanted to email to thankyou so much for your wonderful care of myself over the last few months. Your swift assessment and opinion about my recent cardiac symptoms together with arrangement of tests has made such a difference to my recovery and means so much. Your professionalism and excellent explanations have helped reassure me and as a GP myself it is not always easy to be a patient as well. I could not have asked for a more thorough and kind specialist so a million thanks to you.

Dr JG December 30, 2019

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October 23, 2019

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Although considering myself healthy I decided to sign up for the Cardiology checks offered by Dr Critoph and his team as I was anxious about any undiagnosed issues due to a family history of problems, with my Father, Uncle and younger Brother all having heart conditions. It was a quick and interesting process to undergo the tests and the one-to-one consultation and I was thoroughly reassured by the results. I would strongly recommend everyone to get yourself checked.

Peter Turner July 8, 2019

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Having been admitted into Bournemouth Hostpital I meet with Chris Critoph who from first meeting put myself and wife at ease with the condition I had . 
As time went by meet with Chris at the Nufflied numerous times every one was very professional and personal leaving me very clear on the next steps . 
At no stage was I ever in doubt what I was facing into and he was always very supportive. 
His back secretary Sara also was extremely helpful at all times . 

When we meet to feedback results Chris was as happy as I was with them being positive 
In summary a true professional with a human side. 
Would I ask him to improve anything to be honest not at all nothing 

Just a big thank you from us both

Gordon and Julie Silvester June 27, 2019

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Dr Critoph was recommended to me by another consultant.
I felt very confident that my symptoms and case notes had been thoroughly analysed and the explanation for the resulting diagnosis was detailed, logical and convincing.
I was also offered further tests, to check the diagnosis, which was very reassuring.
I would definitely return Dr Critoph if the need arose.

JC November 15, 2018

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Dr Critoph was patient, thorough and compassionate, taking the time to answer my questions and ensure I was completely comfortable with the treatment proposed. I am very grateful and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance on cardiac issues.

DW November 13, 2018

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“I was recommended by my renal consultant to see Dr Critoph to obtain a second opinion on my heart condition, and have been delighted with the outcome. He immediately impressed me not only with his understanding of my problem, but his willingness to explain in layman’s terms the recommended course of action, which included a complete review of my medication and the insertion a cardiac pacemaker. This has transformed my ability to lead a normal life, and in particular to be fit enough to tackle long walks and the garden!

He possesses that rare ability to instil confidence in his knowledge of cardiology, and his friendly nature makes consultations with him an enjoyable experience. I am very happy to recommend him.”

Jim White August 30, 2018

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I received first class speedy treatment and care from Dr Critoph and the Nuffield hospital.

The service was highly professional and looked at my heart in great detail using all the modern instruments. I also received sound friendly advice on my medication and lifestyle changes I should make.

They even managed a problem with my insurers for me. Many thanks and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him .

Eddy Bialek April 22, 2018

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Dr Critoph has been my Cardiologist since August 2017. During this period he has helped to improve my quality of life immensely having been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure. His manner is professional, yet he is approachable, communicates effectively using layman’s language, leaving myself and my wife in a fully informed position at all times.
During this period we have built a close rapport with him and feel comfortable discussing any issues or concerns that I have regarding my condition and recovery. I have felt listened to and acknowledged at all times during this difficult and vulnerable period of my life.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Critoph to anyone who requires the services of a Cardiologist and expects a professional, highly effective treatment programme delivered with integrity and empathy.

Mr Barry Davis April 22, 2018

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Thank you for your continued care and treatment for my amyloidosis related issues.

Your focus and support is much appreciated. I am also most impressed with your involvement in the latest technologies in heart monitoring and being at the forefront of newest treatments some of which remotely monitor and give advance warning of trouble ahead.

It is very reassuring to be in safe hands.

Akif Tosunlar April 22, 2018

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I had an implant to measure the pressure in pulmonary artery at my local NHS Bournemouth Hospital and cannot recommend highly enough the care I received from all the staff involved and Dr Critoph in particular.
Dr Critoph asked me to take part in a trial of a Cardiomems Heart Failure monitoring system fitted in my chest area, Dr Critoph had been treating me for heart failure for over a year so when he suggested that I took part in the trial I had no hesitation in accepting his request. I knew he was highly regarded by his surgical colleagues and the other medical staff. I can say his reputation is well deserved, as he is sensitive and understanding at all times, encouraging an active discussion and questions about the procedure, and likely outcomes. I felt that he completely understood both my needs and worries, quite a job in itself given my medical history.
Dr Critoph more than met my expectations on every level, his skill as a surgeon is second to none and equally importantly he is kind, polite and considerate, making you feel at ease, giving enough time at every appointment to deal with any questions and anxieties you may have. The outcome from my implant is yet unknown but as it is a 2-year trial and with daily recordings being sent to the hospital I have a better chance of not being admitted into hospital.
I shall always be grateful to Dr Critoph for considering me for this trial, and all the staff at the Bournemouth Hospital for the excellent medical care I have received.

Graham May April 22, 2018

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Dr Critoph has treated me for 6 months during which time I have found him to be very friendly and approachable. He was also informative and clearly knows his specialty as my wife and I had many questions during this worrying time and which he was very happy to answer. There was no indication that his time was limited.

Dr Critoph resolved my chronic heart failure (found at the time of my emergency admission with blood clots in a leg) and when I had an ejection fraction of 20, raising this to 62 ie. normal. He did this with his mix of drugs and a cardioversion procedure.

I cannot thank him enough – an excellent consultant whom I can recommend without hesitation

J Harvey April 22, 2018

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I have been going to Doctor Chris Critoph for 2 years now, and I am so grateful for his services!

I suffer from stage 2 heart failure and it has been challenging, both physically and emotionally. It was such a welcome relief to encounter Doctor Critoph. He asked me questions and really listened to the answers, explained his diagnosis, and walked me through a treatment program.

I had an implant to measure the pressure in my Pulmonary Artery, this is a trial procedure which Doctor Critoph is leading.

Everything at this hospital is done in a manner that is efficient, friendly, and welcoming. I have always felt considered and valued there, both as a patient and as a person.

Graham May April 22, 2018