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Are you suffering from shortness of breath? Are you worried about chest pains or palpitations?

If you’re suffering from any symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness or palpitations you may be suffering from heart problems. It might be nothing, but you should never ignore any of these symptoms. Download my free guide to discover the possible underlying causes and treatments for these symptoms…

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Who Am I?

My name is Dr Chris Critoph, and I am a Consultant Cardiologist based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I trained in cardiology at major teaching hospitals in London and Australia, before moving to Dorset in 2015 with my wife and 2 young children.


I am an expert in diagnosing and treating problems affecting the heart, and am one of the very few UK specialists trained in assessing patients with a family history of heart disease and sports cardiology.


I am clinical lead for heart failure at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. I run rapid access clinics for patients with heart symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations. I can often see patients the same day.


I also run a specialist heart assessment clinic for patients with a family history of heart disease, even if they have no symptoms themselves. This is particularly important because many patients have heart attacks out of the blue, with the only risk being a family history.


I am responsible for training Cardiologists of the future.


Outside of the hospital, I love spending time with my family, and enjoy playing golf, tennis, football and cycling.



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Not Insured?


No problem.If you’re self pay – you don’t even need a referral from your GP (if Insurance based, you may need one).

You can still have all the benefits of private care, and it’s more affordable than you think.

  • See me personally every time
  • No waiting list
  • All the time you need to answer any questions you may have, big or small
  • Appointments on time
  • No GP referral needed

Consultations can be during the working day or after work if needed, and you are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you if you would like.

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Why Go Private?


First and foremost – you get to be seen without delay… and one of the best benefits, in fact, is you are guaranteed to see me at each and every visit, not a junior doctor.

There are no waiting lists or delays. Consultations last 45 minutes for new patients, and 30 minutes for follow ups.

This gives us lots of time to fully discuss your individual concerns and options for treatment, with all the time you need to answer any questions you may have, big or small.

You are guaranteed a warm reception at the clinic, which is in a nice environment, and we are used to putting people at ease.

You also get to see me at your convenience; you can make an appointment to see me at a time that suits you.


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I received first class speedy treatment and care from Dr Critoph and the Nuffield hospital.

The service was highly professional and looked at my heart in great detail using all the modern instruments. I also received sound friendly advice on my medication and lifestyle changes I should make.

They even managed a problem with my insurers for me. Many thanks and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him .

Eddy Bialek

“I was recommended by my renal consultant to see Dr Critoph to obtain a second opinion on my heart condition, and have been delighted with the outcome. He immediately impressed me not only with his understanding of my problem, but his willingness to explain in layman’s terms the recommended course of action, which included a complete review of my medication and the insertion a cardiac pacemaker. This has transformed my ability to lead a normal life, and in particular to be fit enough to tackle long walks and the garden!

He possesses that rare ability to instil confidence in his knowledge of cardiology, and his friendly nature makes consultations with him an enjoyable experience. I am very happy to recommend him.”

Jim White

Dr Critoph has treated me for 6 months during which time I have found him to be very friendly and approachable. He was also informative and clearly knows his specialty as my wife and I had many questions during this worrying time and which he was very happy to answer. There was no indication that his time was limited.

Dr Critoph resolved my chronic heart failure (found at the time of my emergency admission with blood clots in a leg) and when I had an ejection fraction of 20, raising this to 62 ie. normal. He did this with his mix of drugs and a cardioversion procedure.

I cannot thank him enough – an excellent consultant whom I can recommend without hesitation

J Harvey

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Are you suffering from shortness of breath? Are you worried about chest pains or palpitations? Download this free guide for more information…