Consultation - Coastal Cardiology

The consultation is often the cornerstone of medicine; it is widely recognised that a good account of the history taken by an experienced doctor can lead to the correct diagnosis in the majority of patients.

I allow 45 minutes for an initial consultation and 30 minutes for a follow-up. During this time I will ask you a variety of questions about your symptoms and past medical history, before examining your cardiovascular system. In most cases it is expected that you will also have an ECG.

I am an expert in the care of patients with inherited heart disease. These consultations may run on slightly longer to allow time to construct a full ‘pedigree’ or family tree to determine the likelihood and pattern of familial heart problems, and discuss in detail the various aspects pertaining to them. Screening of family members is encouraged, to identify those people who may be at risk, and treat before symptoms occur. I commonly review multiple members of the same family at once in these cases.