Graham May

April 22, 2018

I had an implant to measure the pressure in pulmonary artery at my local NHS Bournemouth Hospital and cannot recommend highly enough the care I received from all the staff involved and Dr Critoph in particular.
Dr Critoph asked me to take part in a trial of a Cardiomems Heart Failure monitoring system fitted in my chest area, Dr Critoph had been treating me for heart failure for over a year so when he suggested that I took part in the trial I had no hesitation in accepting his request. I knew he was highly regarded by his surgical colleagues and the other medical staff. I can say his reputation is well deserved, as he is sensitive and understanding at all times, encouraging an active discussion and questions about the procedure, and likely outcomes. I felt that he completely understood both my needs and worries, quite a job in itself given my medical history.
Dr Critoph more than met my expectations on every level, his skill as a surgeon is second to none and equally importantly he is kind, polite and considerate, making you feel at ease, giving enough time at every appointment to deal with any questions and anxieties you may have. The outcome from my implant is yet unknown but as it is a 2-year trial and with daily recordings being sent to the hospital I have a better chance of not being admitted into hospital.
I shall always be grateful to Dr Critoph for considering me for this trial, and all the staff at the Bournemouth Hospital for the excellent medical care I have received.