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Cardio-Pulmonary (VO2) Testing: Learn how to maximise your athletic performance

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Are you an athlete or fitness fanatic? Would like to know how fit you are and how to maximise your sports performance?

If you're training for an event you can get ahead of the competition with a CPET investigation, allowing you to tailor your training based on your own unique physiological data.

My Guide Cardio-Pulmonary (VO2) Testing: Learn How To Maximise Your Athletic Performance.is a quick 'must read' for those interested in finding out more about CPET Testing. It covers everything from what can CPET tests be useful for and how the tests are performed, to your results and what to do next.

Would you like to know how to maximise your athletic performance?

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Who would want a VO2 test?

There are several scenarios where CPET can be useful:

  • An athlete wanting to scientifically evaluate his or her performance to training.
  • Someone who wanted to test their peak VO2 limit
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    How is the VO2 test performed

    Peak VO2 is measured at your body’s limit, whatever that might be. During the test, we use a watt bike hooked up to an ECG to monitor your heart rate and a face mask to measure your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Most people prefer to wear sports gear or comfortable clothing during the test.

    Who is this test for?

     I’m often asked, who is this test is for and whether a 'casual athlete' could benefit from this. And to be honest it depends what sort of person you are and what your reasons are for having one. For example, if you want bragging rights at your club as to who has the highest VO2 , then go for it!

    By their nature sports people are competitive, right? I know I am (my peak VO2 is 41.6 ml/kg/min-1 , in case you’re wondering?).

    If you’re about to embark on a training programme, and want to accurately be able to test the benefits of all your hard work, I’d say that’s a great reason.

    If you’re already a keen athlete of some sort, and want to know if CPET can give you some physiological data to enhance and improve your training, I’d say that’s a great reason also.

    If you feel your performance has dropped off, or you’ve noticed you’re getting symptoms for example of breathlessness, a CPET could help you get answers.

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    Who am I and how can I help?

    My name is Dr Chris Critoph, and I am a Consultant Cardiologist based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I trained in cardiology at major teaching hospitals in London and Australia, before moving to Dorset in 2015 with my wife and 2 young children.

    I am an expert in diagnosing and treating problems affecting the heart, and am one of the very few UK specialists trained in assessing patients with a family history of heart disease and sports cardiology.

    I am clinical lead for heart failure at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. I run rapid access clinics for patients with heart symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations. I can often see patients the same day.

    I also run a specialist heart assessment clinic for patients with a family history of heart disease, even if they have no symptoms themselves. This is particularly important because many patients have heart attacks out of the blue, with the only risk being a family history.

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    What do my patients say?

    Although considering myself healthy I decided to sign up for the Cardiology checks offered by Dr Critoph and his team as I was anxious about any undiagnosed issues due to a family history of problems, with my Father, Uncle and younger Brother all having heart conditions. It was a quick and interesting process to undergo the tests and the one-to-one consultation and I was thoroughly reassured by the results. I would strongly recommend everyone to get yourself checked.

    Peter Turner

    I received first class speedy treatment and care from Dr Critoph and the Nuffield hospital. The service was highly professional and looked at my heart in great detail using all the modern instruments. I also received sound friendly advice on my medication and lifestyle changes I should make.They even managed a problem with my insurers for me. Many thanks and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him .

    Eddy Bialek
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