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If You Have A Family History Of Heart Problems Or You're Worried That Your Lifestyle Is Affecting Your Heart Health - Prevention is better than cure.

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My name is Dr Chris Critoph, and I am a Consultant Cardiologist based in Bournemouth, Dorset and I have designed the ‘Coastal Cardiology Complete Heart Health Plan’ to be a comprehensive MOT for your heart. So whether you're worried about your family history or your lifestyle choices, you can put your (or your family's) mind at rest.

These reassuring tests, have given patients the encouragement they need to take up exercise, and look at their diet more closely.  Looking at your family History can benefit numerous members of your family and  If we do uncover a problem, at least then we can work out a treatment or lifestyle plan to reduce your risk in later life.

What's Included in the Complete Heart Health Plan?

  • Specialist heart tests and scans
  • Blood tests for diabetes, cholesterol, anaemia, kidney and liver function
  • Individual family history assessment and pedigree drawing
  • Consultation with me to go through your results
  • Risk assessment
  • Exercise advice
  • Personal printed booklet of results
  • 1-to-1 60 minute personal training session
  • Tailor-made nutrition assessment
  • Follow-up consultation with me in one year’s time

Who Should Get A Heart Health Check?

If you are worried you might have symptoms, a family history or a lifestyle concern, don’t delay and put off your assessment. My clinic is designed to save you multiple visits and your valuable time. Heart tests are performed at the Bournemouth Nuffield Private Hospital, with state of the art equipment.

To request your ‘Coastal Cardiology Complete Heart Health Plan’ simply contact my secretary on (01202) 084 550, email or click the button below.

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